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international speakers
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Raising awareness about prevention and early diagnosis of cardiovascular disease and cancer.
Instituto Lado a Lado pela vida is a non-profit civil society organization committed to changing the health of Brazilians, not only through the dissemination and production of quality content, but also through continuous work with Brazilian parliamentarians to impact public health policies.
Founded in 2008, LAL is recognized as an institution that seeks dialogue for the construction of a common agenda that adds and multiplies actions in favor of Health. It carries out important actions that positively impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of Brazilians, with three major axes of action: Primary Health, Advocacy, Patient Support Center (NAP)

How to offer affordable and quality health for all?

Frontiers of Health discusses the economic sustainability of the public and supplementary health system.

Side by side we can think of solutions to this urgent issue.

It is a challenge for all of us.

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management and production

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